Thankfully printing my new book by the end of next week to A4 paper and A4 photo paper. Also, would be very proud to write a short chapter summarisation chapters as the below blueprint. Also, would be very proud to actually see it published, e.g. which KDP does once any book is listed and requested to be bought on paperback. Think I would have to make it a little less extreme natured for it 1) to sell 2) to not be banned, taken off the store 3) published on paper. I meant to write it in respect of acknowledging the respective disciplines e.g. human trafficking, human experimentation, forced surgery, filmed sexual exploitation, judicial conspiracy, conspiracy to institutionalise, forced oral sex after muscle numbing drugging injection on film after oral surgery to feature in the film, such as enticing sexual arousal by sadism (Two lesions surgeon to the sides of my mouth made more tight during forced oral sex on film to three Byron Bay Police in 06 or 07, after abduction while dating my ex girlfriend Pearl), and other respective disciplines such as ritual abuse or organised sadistic abuse or filmed torture, abduction or filmed surgery.

May use the below blueprint or use it vaguely or come up with a new blueprint to publish on Kindle, deliver globally to Parliaments, print 3000 small text copies to maybe hand out in binders, deliver via email to the United Nations workers, deliver to any law enforcement, court room (jury) or magistrate

Nice night coalescing with the surveillance team. Told next to speak my mind. I am beginning a book about being a human trafficking survivor, in part, a hypothesis for a draft may go along the lines of:

  1. 1) Attending Byron Bay Primary school, making my first friend in Year 5, meeting my first friend who was a girl (Airiel), my life surrounding that time as it relates to beginning attendance at Byron Bay High School
  2. 2) Making a lot of friends in High School. Filmed torture as walking home from a friend’s place at 2.a.m., after a joint. That was likely the first snuff film I was in. 2005 or 2006
  3. 3) Dating my ex-girlfriend Pearl for a few months. Abduction three times as I fell into a furore with a few local guys. Abduction and filmed forced oral sex after injection drugging to make muscles numb, then stomach pumped with faeces, petrol and water.
  4. 4) Institutionalisation in a suicide attempt, sexual slavery in public hospitals, clandestine and unconsenting surgery
  5. 5) A former partner anathesising and raping me over a 3 year period to supply to a human trafficking ring, dating me to continue raping me to produce more films (her first boyfriend was the one that abducted me for a snuff film)
  6. 6) Schizophrenia
  7. 7) Having my mouth surgeon shut, with two lesions preventing an opening or stretch of the mouth, beyond the canine teeth or other length, such as when performing oral sex in forced & filmed sexual exploitation, the alphabetic letter shape and dog shape surgeon from my forehead while captive in the basement of a hospital, on film
  8. 8) Concord 2013 institutionalisation after contacting Parliament, virtually every major Australian newspaper and TV station
  9. 9) Human experimentation such as a vision overlay, enforced disappearance
  10. 10) Being in public, seeing friends less than 10 times in 7 years except to visit the GP, buy alcohol
  11. 11) Judicial conspiracy, false arrest, brainwashing and blackmail

So wherever I am in 10 to 15 years time, I could envelope those summaries and place it overnight 100 homes at a time in their postbox or plastic wrapped or enveloped on their lawn via 12.a.m. to 4 a.m., or yet again send it globally, domestically, via email to consulates and embassies, newspapers, TV stations, elected representatives of the United States, geez, who knows

Feeling fantastic, self care coming along well

Really always was a fan of Sally Rugg, the gay-LGBTI-advocate, who as a millennial, public educated & highly empathetic person, I thought was very similar to me, also in using social media platforms for 15 years such as MSN Messenger, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook e.t.c.

In so much as any plans, the incentivisation to gain the skills to live independently over the last 2 years in which I have gained those skills (with the exception of hand-purchasing food or driving, as I can be blind non-voluntarily for 12 or more hours unexpectedly), it has been a success where occupational skills such as skincare, grooming, cooking, washing, ensuring medication is taken, pursuing education / qualifications, ensuring some manner, if not physical contact, social contact, they have maintained persistently and can be maintained persistently.

So, if I was to get a path out of extreme poverty, likely via inheriting my elderly grandmothers’ will settings, e.g. she is 85 and ensured I would receive 25% of her 12 plus million and a few of her properties, e.g. Coogee, Bronte or Ballina home; or if my Nan, who I have not spoken to in 2 years more than 5 times, if she handed me $100,000 like she did in 2015 … geez … she found her boyfriend from the 1950s and now she lives with him and maintains her health- as the adage goes about some of the ultra-rich, they still live modestly e.g. driving the same car they did 20 years ago or living in a cheap home. She wants to leave me 25% of her estate, 25% to my brother, 50% to the marital estate of my parents. I was not allowed to sign the will as they stated my brothers’ signature counts as mine (one from each generation of her only family). I will embark on and advertise 30 year legal proceedings (wills & estates litigation), as she vocally told me myself I should if I do not receive 25% of her estate, as lawyers and financial advisors stole Wal Truscott (my grandfather, my grandmother is June Truscott), his inheritance, where my mothers’ half sister sued, successfully gaining part of the deceased Wal Truscott estate.

So yeah, my Nan is moving into a retirement home and I feel really bad for her. I saw Pop just weeks before he died. We were closer than ever. He loved driving with me, hitting a restaurant, at one conversation we shared our love of the actor Max Von Sydow, who came up in the conversation from mentioning the indie produced film Three Days of the Condor (a rather good spy thriller)

So maybe I should look Nan up. Last I heard from her she text me on NY 2020 to give me her Newcastle number. Her boyfriend goes by the name Jim and called me from a Kirra property. She had been scouting to buy.

Always felt bad for Nan as in 2025 2016 she lived alone speaking to nobody (Pop died in 2014). At one point she went to a bank in Ballina to withdraw $200,000 cash each for the four others in our family each.

She has much better peace of mind with her new boyfriend. I might start trying to get involved in a legal sitting to inherit 25% of her estate which is 2.8 million more after the sale of the beachfront Coogee apartment I grew up in from age 10 to age 26. 2014 Wal, June and I stayed in Coogee for me to take Pia (a friend who also has paranoid Schizophrenia) to the Sydney Ballet doing Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet. That is the only time I have ever heard an orchestra and Prokofiev was then my favourite composer. It was magical. I have many Prokofiev recordings in fully lossless format, but as I heard my favourite score from the Romeo and Juliet Suite I realised I had never heard any piece of music in such good quality. I recently learned, particularly as they liked to ski, my grandfather spent a lot of time in Canada. The Canadian press archives have a good photo of Wal at the Randwick Racetrack, then worth presumably over 100 million. They sold Truscott’s Toyota (which imported more $50,000, $200,000 cars than any other Australian business as Australia’s largest car importer, often negotiating with Bob Hawke and his trade minister) for over 45 million dollars, most invested with Mayne Investments (a Ballina company), and most lost due to the 07/08 global financial crisis.

Better get on the ball with litigation for my rightful familial judeo-christian law ensured inheritance

So in the case of arrest or institutionalisation, given there is more chance of lethal force upon arrest, and more chance of institutionalisation as I have a permanent neurological condition, e.g. have used drugs several times from 2009 to 2021 but have committed no crimes in 12 plus years, for example suicide attempts being also criminal, so in the case I was gratuitously arrested or baselessly institutionalised, such as would happen in a cover-up, say walking throughout the day or on a murky, dim lit street at night arrest being performed, or simply being betrayed into being restrained then institutionalised by a group of state Police Force Officers – in the case of arrest or institutionalisation I would remain calm, contact my family, if possible, but most certainly wait for a disability advocate and top-tier pro bono solicitor, pleading no to questioning, and litigate in the case of any injuries upon arrest, lobbying globally through contacting select Parliaments, consulates and embassies throughout the United States, Greater Britain, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Europe, e.g. with any scanned documentation, my story in digital or paper format, images, video dialogue e.t.c.

So, that is part of my 15 to 60 year endeavour against anyone involved in gratuitously striking me, e.g. to take away basic rights, freedoms. I would also contact United Nations representatives and investigators to have a summarisation of my life story and any other circumstances, e.g. in respect of enforced disappearance or human trafficking

Almost April, 2021

Just checked out the Wikileaks releases on the CIAs hacking tools. Very familiar stuff like iOS sandboxing, virtualisation software sandbox escape, Android / iOS Chrome / Safari browser zero-days with JIT/heap spray, use-after-free, Win32 API such as the API functions translating to nt.dll or kernel syscalls. Spent 6 years mentored by Tailored Access Operations and very much thankful they decided to spend time with me via internet cookies and cryptanalytic computer network operations.

Sitting back in my room in my chair wondering what a future life holds. Glad to be Offensive Security Certified. Figured some of the archetypal hiring agents had been instructed not to hire Charles Truscott when he came to their desk. Vision getting much worse and now can’t see very far without my glasses.

Buying academic literature on human experimentation to refer to. There are a few on Nazi Doctors and the Nuremberg code, synopsis and summits on journal-sharing for approaches (benign or otherwise, to apply or treat in policy practice) human experimentation, general encyclopaedia / textual reference documentation ones, and ones circa 1970s (Experimentation on Human Subjects, Katz).

Very much may try to find some scene or field of play, some social group or common-interest group to spend the next 15 to 30 years. One such way I might simply live more simply is by spending each day in Byron again, as I spent most of my life before 2009.

Having a good day

Just set into sleep. Almost the break of day. Feeling rather upset today as I saw my family yesterday all 110%, e.g. in appearance, feelings. Now with the humidity, cold weather & lack of incentive they’re back to feeling depressed.

Not much to say. Thinking lots about how people applied brainwashing, coercion techniques, psychological manipulation – a few of those include “repeating definitive, highly reductive sounding statements”, “limiting access to food / prolonging malnutrition and hunger, prolonging excessive or recessive appetite”, prolonging guilt, gaslighting, forcing the subject to remove all former social-group norms and traits (say in the dynamics of a social group, linguistic, body movement traits, views expressed), and prolonging / enforcing isolation.

As so to being under 24 hour surveillance from mid-late 2014 to 2021, I did not say anything that was very much amounting to anything. In the home I live in, I have had two visitors in 12 years. In the property I am in, I have seen no more than 3 visitors in 12 years. So necessarily the implication I was under criminal investigation is very funny – the purposes of 24 hour surveillance was an enforced disappearance or blackmail. None the less, from 2014 to 2020 torture and interrogation techniques were applied, then from about 2021 I just simply started coalescing with the group that placed wiretaps in my home. I said nothing wrong, did nothing wrong, spent fewer than 5 times in public 2014 to 2021 under surveillance (except for travelling in 2017 to Brisbane, Albury, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide and ultimately the Gold Coast; purchasing alcohol; seeing one of two General Practitioner offices). I have only had two in-person conversations in the building I was wiretapped. And only phone called two family members (three regularly phone called since 2009, my father, grandmother and big brother) during the duration of surveillance.

So pretty much, I have socialised 10 or so times since 2009, been in public fewer than 5 times since 2009 (except for institutionalisation, travelling on buses or trains, purchasing alcohol or visiting a hospital or doctor), I have had sex once since 2009 (in 12 years) with a friend in Mullumbimby in 2012. I have only met 5 new people since 2009 in any close relationship. I have met Zhourelle, Shiva, Shelley, Gene & Pia. Those are the only 5 people I have met in 12 years except where some manner was different than friendship or socialising (such as when institutionalised, I was required to speak to medical practitioners).

When in those respective cases over a 15 to 60 year span I would mass disseminate either printed or digitally encoded material to those respective parties (an entire suburb, for example), I would switch those around. I may live in Bronte, Coogee or Sydney CBD in 15 to 30 years time, not Byron Bay

Fantastic night. If arrested or institutionalised embark on a 15 to 60 year campaign against health region board members, arresting Officers and magistrates. By printing leaflets, throwing transcripts and each word on this blog in its entirety summarised in plastic wrapping 100 homes at a time between 12am and 4am on Byron Bay lawns, globally distribute digitally encoded image, video and text accounts of what is described here, e.g. to Parliaments and consulates and embassies and global media emails and corruption perception bodies. My only situation right now is to summarise my story from here or elsewhere and never travel or be in public without a paper and digital copy to provide to anyone performing arrest, detainment, interrogation, institutionalisation or judicial proceedings in the case of a court room or magistrate.