I am still, as for the last 7 years, going to be tortured by neighbours, family, town people and medical professionals. They are all restarting their conspiracy, as bribed by national organisations and institutions, to destroy any kind of life outcome, ability to meet people, solve any problem or gain basic legal and human rights. I will shortly email every Federal Parliamentarian

I may globally accuse any given person or institution in the future to each consulate and embassy within the country. As to my situation, I face brainwashing at home, am not able to make decisions for myself, as I am in poverty, a human experiment and so on. John Lloyd, my neighbour at 129 Broken Head Rd, gradually destroyed me in a conspiracy, by organising when to bark his dogs. Warwick Anderson, at 123 Broken Head Rd, conspired against me for the same 12 years. In so much as surviving brainwashing, I will likely die from a brain tumour within 15 months, and will also accuse Mick Fuller, any given security or intelligence Chief over printed, video, and image produced documentation

I will turn to ASIO as I need help. Nice day. Returning to public life and no longer a human experiment. I named my handle r0ss1n1 after David Taylor Irvine styling himself after the composer Gioachino Rossini. I still have the opinio ASIO are true blue legends. First heard of DTI in 2007 or so. Now very much thankful to have ever even spent time helped by a security service. Here’s to Mike Burgess, incumbent DG. If I ever wanted to coalesce with them, I would likely pick researching foreign paramilitaries or over a month span querying foreign computer systems and networks for zero days. Most unthankfully I deal with adjusting to life after being a human medical experiment. Very proud ASIO had a silver coin (I think there was only ever one made and issued, for me personally, e.g. not listed on military collectable databases such as Worthingpoint, eBay) listed for me to buy.

In the previous posts I mentioned steps I may take to continue my life post the situation. Such as writing a formal regard of the situation, a statutory declaration or simply getting a job, meeting some mates, finding a girlfriend and telling them I spent 10 years as a human experiment carrying out national security objectives. Feeling rather fantastic I am not blind any more, do not have Schizophrenia and am not under 24 hour surveillance. No jobs in Byron Bay or Suffolk Park to get. Occupational therapy, self care, healing from mind control torture and human experimentation enslavement. Nice day. If I can ever thank ASIO or ASIS for advocating on my behalf, e.g. helping me via cryptanalytic instruction I will. Might try to print a document stating who I am

Really don’t think anyone reads my blog anyway, but will continue to write. Very hard how things may have been taken on my family. Kind of eager to call my wealthy former associated family to ask for a hand out, given she has over 12 million dollars, but that is sort of the least of my worries. Now I have the chance to not be a disappeared person, because of an objecting group of Australian spies appalled at my torture and human experimentation, I can pretty much carry on with life as normal, and do not face any threat of being enslaved for sensory altering physiological procedures …

A very big start is coming out of extreme poverty, having a social group or partner. I mostly just wish to check in every few hours at asis.gov.au for an internet cookie to chat to a security officer linguistically encoding mnemonics. Now that I may start a life after 10 years as a human medical experiment, I may choose to try and have an on the spot way, say if queried by a law enforcement officer or security officer, to explain I need specific safeguards as someone ending a trial of human experimentation, poverty and enforced disappearance.

So, now I am allowed to not undergo torture and drugging in the home I was disappeared, I live with one fear that, at request, I can be disallowed sensory functions such as vision, as of the resultant of the human experimentation.

So, today I may go about printing a piece of paper and laminating it explaining that 2011 to 2021 I was used by a security officer for national security operations as per unconsenting medical experimentation.

I will just consult the cryptanalytics team online as to any steps I would take. Hypothetically speaking given vast trauma and dissociation experiences, it is very hard to adjust to normal life. In any ideal sense, I would end my duration of extreme poverty, formally declare I was used as a human experiment (I rather fancy carrying around Springer academic journals about human experimentation to authoritatively gain a perception the academic literature refers to my situation), and live it up, with any kind of idea of virtue of what any kind of life should entail.

Thanks ASIO, ASIS for nurturing me and ending my torture and human experimentation. It is hard being a vulnerable, impoverished and neurologically damaged person. The next step is up to the security officer I talked to online to end my situation and calm me down.

Any plans I have I will talk to a security officer about through cryptanalytics. In 12 weeks I can save probably about $7000. As of now I have a total wealth of about $300. In continuing some kind of life post torture, disappearance and being a human medical experiment, I may try to articulate my position, past, circumstances to a group that can advocate on my behalf or allow for safeguards, such as a benign medical practitioner, trauma advocate, mental health worker, I really wouldn’t know. I could most certainly sign a statutory declaration saying I spent various durations for 10 years enslaved for sensory function altering physiological procedures. Thanks

Thanks Australian Security Intelligence Organisation for your time and help. Will continue to check in at either asis.gov.au or asio.gov.au, in the case you can think of anything for me to do with my time post 24 hour surveillance and human experimentation. Very fond of David Taylor Irvine. NAA Chief Fricker was the only Deputy Secretary General of ASIO ever unmasked. Mostly working on centennial technology objectives however. Now allowed to get back to life as normal. Most unfortunately I will be left with the vision enhancement of being able to witness anything in a public space and at any time see it across my vision again.

hope for a happy ending for myself and my family to continue a benign, non hypervigilant, non extreme life casually and peacefully pursuing life’s goals.

might try to meet some friends and a girlfriend and a career workplace social group some time & explain I’m a human experiment working themselves out of poverty. Moving on with life

Just briefed by 24 hour surveillance team. I am allowed to get on with my life after 10 years used in unethical medical research and 7 years under 24 hour surveillance. It is very frightening. I am very upset. In so much as being a human medical experiment, I may find I either want to reinforce or substantiate certain safeguards or declaration of rights or I may find in hoping for so I will receive none.

buying some academic literature on unethical human experimentation. After being used for human experimentation, I may try to carry around a piece of paper with me saying that foremost I spent 10 or more years in human medical experimentation so to please respect my rights.

As of finances, income, social life, pursuing the idea of a life of work, marriage, discipline, career and leisure, it is going to be particularly difficult in catastrophic emotional consequences, poverty, legal recognition, e.t.c.

So my only plan is to move on after 10 years as a human medical experiment under 24 hour surveillance. Because I had few other people to talk to, I may simply spend more time chatting to security officers at asis.gov.au cryptanalytics, who receive real time audio, photos from my Galaxy Note 10.

I am very thankful I negotiated with the 24 hour surveillance team to improve my family’s well-being, who in turn, on my behalf, responded to security officers wanting my circumstances to change …

I have been reallowed to have my sensory function, such as sight, skin sensation, auditory senses and taste and smell. If I were to enter public, a new location or a home which wasn’t under 24 hour surveillance, I fear I would be more at lost if my vision became covered for 12 or more hours with films, or if my Schizophrenia returned. As of my foremost and present plans it is to stay put close to family who have benign and loving intentions and motives while staying under 24 hour surveillance and also checking in at asis.gov.au or asio.gov.au

As of being used in a national security and human experimentation conspiracy, I was briefed that I was selected for this in 2011 with foremost regrets that I was used for human experimentation as an unwilling actor in national security issues. As of my training, I am highly capable in cyber warfare and open-source intelligence investigation of military capability and issues. So I may just start a small budgeting plan to ensure enough money so that I can tend to food, health, medical and shelter, but seperately coalesce with the security agents at the cryptanalytics centre to bargain for rights. The latest plan issued for me (by the 24 hour surveillance team) is to either hone cyber warfare reports against state actors in aggressor countries neighbouring Australia, or provide open source intelligence investigations into military and cyber warfare actors of neighbouring aggressor (maligned) countries.

I am glad my human experimentation is over and I am allowed to return to subduing an autonomous life with sensory function, though as of the physiological procedures I now serve non-voluntarily in national security capability. Thanks for the challenge coin ASIO. I think some ASIO and ASIS officers witnessing my torture and use in national security conspiracy felt appalled so decided to object to the actions of separate officers consequently I am allowed to return to my life until, physiologically my sensory functions are disallowed again from human enhancement…

Thinking over my future

Now I have been allowed to have my sensory function return, no more enhanced torture techniques at home, I am considering my future. So, I am pretty much free to do whatever I want and go wherever I want to go. It will return some day that I will subsequently undergo clandestine medical procedures to disallow sensory function such as vision aside from the films, photographs and sights I am allowed to see.

A while back ASIO listed a silver challenge coin for me to buy. I am going to think about my future, and in terms of that I want to cease all electronic devices, forever, e.g. give up computer science, information security, reverse engineering, proof of concept and cyber warfare.

Now that I am seven years behind the track, moreover 10 or so years behind the track, in the sense of being disappeared for human experimentation, I have only, for example, called on a mobile phone 3 people in the last 11 years. I may just sit here and check in with asio.gov.au cryptanalytics, for example, and I am thankful they advocated on my behalf to end my surveillance, sensory deprivation techniques by drugging and vision experimentation. I could walk straight back into Suffolk Park or Byron Bay right now, grab a drink, grab some dinner or, most remarkably difficult would it be but I could even just try to visit some friend from circa Byron Bay High School.

This morning when briefed by the team that inducted me for human experimentation, in roughly 2011 when voluntarily visiting a psychologist, who performed hypnosis and began my trial as a sleeper agent, when I was briefed this morning they said I ought to try to get a licence. Glum days. I have a $300 total worth, have socialised once in 7 years, am never regularly seen anywhere or sighted in public, and was arbitrarily placed in detention for human experimentation trials.

I would cook up some hobby information security project to work alongside security services but don’t see the need or use. Thanks Australian security services for resolving my targeted citizen status and ending my satanic ritual abuse …