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Nice night brainstorming with the surveillance team that had me under 24 hour surveillance. Despite bad things happening, such as keeping me awake or blackmailing or experimenting on and studying me, I managed to accomplish very great things after suicide and intensive care as of being inducted for human enhancement. I am very frightened for … Continue reading

Having a bad day

Fantastic to write though. In new news I am most upset that, after treatment with terbinafine salicylic acid antiseptic my 10 year skin infection has come back. Most remarkably I caught jock itch in February 2011 at which point my genital skin tissue began to swell inches, having sex in 2012 drunk around February March … Continue reading Having a bad day

Very fantastic day. Last thoughts for the morning are being known to national organisations / institutions / corporations and their executive presence, such as media, technology & political & NGO. I had very grave concerns that as a targeted citizen any future social, romantic or sexual partner would be bribed, e.g. to act through that … Continue reading

Having a fantastic night

Very exceptional night. I have thought very much about leaving the home I have lived in since 2014 and starting new somewhere else. For the most part I think I would never bother leaving Byron Bay. There is just no industry around tech to work in here. Alternately I am a severely disabled person, particularly … Continue reading Having a fantastic night


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