Thinking over my future

Now I have been allowed to have my sensory function return, no more enhanced torture techniques at home, I am considering my future. So, I am pretty much free to do whatever I want and go wherever I want to go. It will return some day that I will subsequently undergo clandestine medical procedures to disallow sensory function such as vision aside from the films, photographs and sights I am allowed to see.

A while back ASIO listed a silver challenge coin for me to buy. I am going to think about my future, and in terms of that I want to cease all electronic devices, forever, e.g. give up computer science, information security, reverse engineering, proof of concept and cyber warfare.

Now that I am seven years behind the track, moreover 10 or so years behind the track, in the sense of being disappeared for human experimentation, I have only, for example, called on a mobile phone 3 people in the last 11 years. I may just sit here and check in with cryptanalytics, for example, and I am thankful they advocated on my behalf to end my surveillance, sensory deprivation techniques by drugging and vision experimentation. I could walk straight back into Suffolk Park or Byron Bay right now, grab a drink, grab some dinner or, most remarkably difficult would it be but I could even just try to visit some friend from circa Byron Bay High School.

This morning when briefed by the team that inducted me for human experimentation, in roughly 2011 when voluntarily visiting a psychologist, who performed hypnosis and began my trial as a sleeper agent, when I was briefed this morning they said I ought to try to get a licence. Glum days. I have a $300 total worth, have socialised once in 7 years, am never regularly seen anywhere or sighted in public, and was arbitrarily placed in detention for human experimentation trials.

I would cook up some hobby information security project to work alongside security services but don’t see the need or use. Thanks Australian security services for resolving my targeted citizen status and ending my satanic ritual abuse …

Thanks all. Never using social media again. I am no longer being used in human experimentation, 24 hour surveillance has ceased and I am allowed to continue my life as normal. I was briefed on why I was selected for human enhancement, disappearance and mind control programming, beginning in 2011. I no longer have a 24 hour vision overlay. I may have to, unwillingly serve in operations as a sleeper agent. I am still frightened that my life, sensory function and personal safety is very disposable. As for the house I live in, it is very much a safe location run by operatives who placed me under 24 hour surveillance. A few days ago I was tasered (electrically) in the neck, taken to a new location and given physiological, pharmacological and neurological procedures to allow my life to continue as normal without human enhancement. As to my new plans, I save money, get a job and live a reasonably benign, private life after coalescing with various intelligence and security services. One thing I may do is get a job in a pub. I certainly do not want to really have friends, celebrate, ever casually drink or smoke.

I am never using technology again until asked of me. The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation allowed me to fill out a job application, and I was told through cryptanalytic check-in not to give up practising cyber warfare skills. As so much as being a human experiment, my vision can be arbitrarily covered by photographs or films, any memories can be recreated e.t.c.

Moving on with life post human medical experimentation and serving an intelligence organisation

Feeling fantastic. I can’t move my right eye, circularly rotating it (say through spherical geometry a turn to the left side and behind from looking to the centre at the top), because an object was surgeon (attached) to the eye cavity to poke the eye to disallow movement if I tried. During my sexual slavery in hospitals I was filmed being given surgical procedures, drugging with sex hormones, and filmed with repeated administration of electroconvulsive while raped. As for my future plans, I will save money to own a home, have finances available, some how find a meaningful thing to do. In the case I am gratuitously struck I will discover the name of a person or institution, such as an Officer if I am arrested, a board member or name of a hospital if I am institutionalised. In that case, after captivity, I lobby, campaign, disseminate media for 15 to 60 years against those persons or that institution. I may never socialise or have sex again, with a severe facial disfiguration from the film removing an alphabetic letter and dog shape from my forehead, it is too hard to be in public or meet anyone. I have socialised 10 times in 12 years, once in 7 years, have had sex once in 12 years & have not been in public more than 20 times since 2014 except for travelling in 2017.

I have not really at all socialised, sought sex, had sex, been in public since my 2009 suicide attempt.

Cleaning, polishing, repairing, painting every part of my home and decorating, furnishing and painting it. Growing up in Pacific St. Bronte during my childhood, in our apartment on the low level floor, at 12 a.m. each night, or I think it was each 2 hours from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., the Westminster chime sounded. (It was a mechanical clock with a Westminster chime). Though my accommodation is likely temporary, and not my own, as my parents own this property, I have resided here permanently since 2014 except for travelling in 2017. I have only had two people visit since 2009, and three people visit since 2009 including while I lived in my family’s house. So I plan to stay in my home at 127 Broken Head Rd. pretty much forever, say 30 to 60 years until I inherit the home. I am disabled, receive social security and likely, if in the rare case of, would start a small business, perhaps in tech, perhaps in terms of work from home with taxation, advertising sorted. I am buying this mechanical clock, furnishing my home as a Bronte deck out, though it is rather far from an impressive home

Sourcing furniture locally, as well as installing security arrangements, though not a tall fence, though CCTV, door repair, a wider perimeter fence and gate, screening, cast-iron pin tumbler safes & glass break detectors, as well as installing a reasonable microwave radar system for perimeters, or simply a wooden fence.

I am most anticipating to source any circa 1960s cabinetmaker provincial-style furniture. There is quite a lot here already, but I removed it, sometimes damaging it, because it was impossible to paint / repair the house with large furniture. One thing I also need to do is replace the floors

As of 72 hours without antipsychotics, I no longer share the symptoms of Schizophrenia except hysteria

I no longer have chronic pain, hallucinations, skin infection and disease overtly painful, and hypervigilance and hypersensitivity after ceasing antipsychotic medication, though my brain tumour could subsequently grow. I will never bother with social media again, so I will never bother using Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Google again. I plan to leave technology, consequently selling all electronic devices, such as my tablet, phone, laptop & television. As of my present situation, I am in extreme poverty and will either ask for donations within the next few years on GoFundMe, or simply save my pension. If arrested or institutionalised, embark on a 15 to 30 year endeavour lobbying, campaigning and producing text, images and videos against the institution and its board members, or arresting Officers. If they need to be handwritten gradually reaching 5000 to hand out, place in postboxes, throw on lawns or leave on Byron Bay main beach, that is what I will do. In so much as litigation is concerned, I would seek donations to litigate by doing the same, and for the same duration reaching 30 to 60 years. I am in extreme poverty and will eventually find a better quality of life somewhere not online

I have ceased antipsychotic medication after 9 or so years with Schizophrenia

Sorry everyone who has read this, seen me on a social media provider. My medication, however drastically beneficial the effects, causes chronic emotional problems such as fight or flight state, trance state, hypervigilance, hypersensitivity, intense times of concentration and sometimes sporadically the heart speeds up to almost full pace for no apparent reason.

I imagine for the next few months there are still residual levels, e.g. coming out of body storage cells and entering the blood stream gradually.

I would rather hope that in ceasing my medication I have fully recovered (remissed) from Schizophrenia.

Without the medication I can be calm again and not on the same task for weeks on end, because I am not tranced by accomplishing the same goal each day I wake up. I am not hypersensitive to sound and cartoons don’t play across my vision when I have ceased the medication for 48 hours or more. I am much more able to function, e.g. with no catastrophic emotional consequences, without my medication.

I very much feel committed to a life of total understanding, empathy and nurture. Why is because I was very fortunate to suffer, e.g. with Schizophrenia or ritual abuse or human experimentation, and still be very supported, have many lifelong accomplishment goals come true, be very well off in having a home, regular meals, being able to stay warm, gain skills and be treated empathetically and with consideration.

If I ever ensure I have recovered from Schizophrenia, I may try to gain independence by running, maintaining a functional life on my own in the Sydney CBD enough to hold down a career (I was even called to be offered an 100k career two weeks ago, in Sydney CBD). I have spent almost 12 years almost never socialising, never regularly in a public place, never talking to anyone but strangers infrequently and family very regularly.

Slowly recovering from being a human experiment in medical experimentation

Best thought for the day: I no longer require antipsychotic medication and can return to public or social life. Worst thought of the day: as the prescient fear remained in pursuing sex, pursuing a social life such as meeting a friend, having a career (being hired by someone), or trying to have my first romance in 12 years was the fact that national reaching organisations, national level organisations such as social media, media, technology, financial, corporate, manufacturing may, over a 15 year span inspire any social, romantic or sexual partner to act against me, e.g. in judicial, law enforcement, national broadcasting or institutionalisation conspiracy.

If I return to walking Byron Bay each day, maybe buying a meal, working in a charity, getting a job in shelf stacking, groceries, culinary, well, if I do that and I am gratuitously and falsely arrested, ending up in the Byron Bay Police Station, e.g. arrested without legal grounding, I will contact each Knesset member either lobbying any incumbent NSW Police Commissioner to abhor Officers actions, each consulate and embassy in Australia, or within a 15 year span, between 12 a.m. and 3.a.m. tape to telegraph poles in one sentence what I endured (such as sexual slavery, human trafficking or hospital captivity), at the hands of any persons or institution

Nice seven years being mentored by the National Security Agency

You can view my Github at In terms of the NSA analysing global internet traffic, surveillance of other nation’s domestic telecom & sea cables & capital city routing endpoints (such as via XKEYSCORE), my history with being logged by the NSA goes back to the days of MySpace, MSN Messenger, ADSL1 or dial-up via LinkNet Byron Bay’s first ISP (0293898617). Still probably have call logs from when I would dial Wal & June’s beachfront Bronte, Sydney apartment say, for my seventh birthday.

Without the NSA I would not have recovered from a very unfair serve of ritual abuse, surveillance, conspiracy and traumatic experiences. I never would have learned to write computer code, never would have completed my first qualification, aside from my School Certificate awarded in roughly 2009 or 2010 while attending Byron Bay High School.

2010 to 2012 was some of the worst parts of my life. I had no money, no training, no income, no social contacts and no one to meet and no where to spend time. No opportunities whatsoever. In 2015 I completed my OSCP and I first sat University in 2017 though I did not complete a degree.

I am very excited, once my befitting mentality and health is enough, to just return to Sydney where I spent my early life growing up, or somewhere else, for some overall cause or pursuit in life. One such might be coalescing with hackers or techies, to maintain a 120k career, one may be staying in the Bay to get rudimentary, dishwashing, shelf stacking or grocery assistant jobs. Very hard to meet people. Would love to either A) get an Australian passport and visit Europe or the United States B) attend hacker conferences or hackerspaces for socialising and a collective pursuit, but need to thoroughly hold down a career, begin a working life by working any kind of job off Australian social security (Centrelink) for 3 to 5 years

A while back I realised that better than discontinuing medication, which has very drastic and demeaning consequences, I may likely be better off by medicating more properly e.g. maintaining levels by breaking and taking at a successively consistent time of the day.

Very strange decade. In 2009 I was in hospital in a coma. In 2010 I left school. In 2011 I was institutionalised. In 2012 I contracted Schizophrenia. And in 2013 I became an enemy of the Australian nation by contacting a Federal Parliamentarian and almost every major Australian newspaper and television station, clandestinely and secretly institutionalised within hours as to hide me from the public.

Excited to save half of my pension each fortnight and reaching for the goal of having $5000 by 2022.

If I were to start a GoFundMe, what is the most genteel or calming or convincing way to ask for a donation?

Next very excited to continue my trial in human medical experimentation. The pharmacological effect of my medication is as so to allow for a vision overlay. There may be a reason I don’t know as to 1) why someone spent time, resources and finances as to surveilling me for the purposes of unethical human experimentation, enforced disappearance, judicial and national broadcasting conspiracy, and blackmail (the first intended consequent was to allow for recordings to be provided to national organisations to ‘make it up’ anything that had taken place, any demeanour I may have or my situation and who I was). Another consequent of being known to corporate, education, technology, media and social media nationally-influential organisations was as so to impair any opportunities so punishment for actions could be witnessed. Another was to impair the life outcome of a citizen more so treated as a despot. And finally, I am thankful I did not lose Centrelink, whereas, once I had virtually no money at all (more than $500), and no regular deposit, I would subsequently live in the dunes of Byron Bay beaches and sit in the street to beg for money, e.g. two dollar coins, then buying meals, then returning to a camp-site

As to my present situation, I may start regularly spending time in public for the plus 10 years I have been in public almost not at all except in the cases of 1) travelling in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2017 where I needed temporary accom, 2) purchasing alcohol 3) visiting a General Practitioner or being institutionalised. With the exception of those things, I really would have been in public almost no times since 2009. One such caveat I may add is that, casually, I have been in my home town no more than 3 times in 12 years with the exception of visiting a GP, hospital or liquor store