Feeling fantastic

Adjusting to a new life I am in extreme poverty, commensurately traumatised, and in the very stilted writing here I am glad to have focused on issues that I would face in the circumstances I was placed in.

I just regained all vision function without an overlay of films, photographs, and anything sighted that I non-voluntarily or voluntarily choose to see again.

In so much as returning to a hospital, I face the fact I usually have less than $100, ceased private healthcare, and am formerly a human experiment who can be non-voluntarily placed as an agent provocateur. One way that was is in being a human experiment, subsequently coming to someone’s attention, such as national broadcasters and pressmakers, and being institutionalised.

I think the most certain future is that I will die of a brain tumour or, as I don’t seek medical care at all except for prescriptions, some kind of cancer such as skin cancer or lung cancer.

in so much as finding a friend, it is very hard surviving captivity, human medical experimentation, slavery, filmed surgical procedures to disfigure facial skin tissue (I checked the other day where surgically bone was removed from above the eye, an object either grown or placed, surgically adhered to disallow rolling my right eye), filmed sexual exploitation and so on.

it seems that if I chose to find a partner, have sex, be in public or find any social setting at all, I would be unrelentingly targeted in someone’s bribe, groom or inspire that person or those people for motives, e.g. to rape me, cause me to enter some place of extreme physical danger to medical practices such as filmed surgery, electrocution or sexual slavery, like if I was returned to a hospital.

I pretty much accept that I have no future whatsoever in my home town, in any locality, in any province or within even the Australian nation in some way. I was enslaved by medical procedures by which sensory function could be used to cause extreme pain in the body, functional error, blindness, complete auditory loss, controlled heart rate, seizure of the lung muscles and tissue.

so I will not socialise, have sex or find a career or really be in public or travel in the next 15 to 30 years.

Whenever I am next needed to know something, an auditory signal is sounded, which next allows vision, changes vision, removes vision, or simply allows me to think coherently. So, I received neurological surgery, pharmacological procedures as so to disallow, enhance, control sensory function.

I will very much just return to some other province or some other town, after saving money, seek medical care for the surgeons that enslaved me for sex and surgical procedure films, and check in with security services, wait for a bell to sound in my ear before my human experimentation medical team asks of me

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