On a final note for the day, as my face was removed surgically on a film, I have immense pain, a throbbing, enlarged beating appearance to a quarter of my face. So each second, that I am physically sighted, it seems as if my skull is beating back and forward. It was likely removed to the front-facing skull bone. I would like, in the future, for the blood vessels, muscles, arteries, cartilage and bone to be repaired.

As I am in extreme poverty, and face the situation that several groups coalesced in the past to have me recorded in 1) filmed surgical removal of a quarter of the face 2) filmed forced oral sex after oral surgery to three Byron Bay Police 3) Filmed suicide attempt 4) Ex-girlfriend Saffron habitually raping me after anaesthesia over 10 to 20 months 5) Filmed abduction and torture along Broken Head Rd with a crossbow, blowtorch, fish hooks, cigarettes, rubber hose, bank card, horse saddle, cutlery 6) Filmed sexual acts upon medical procedures in institutionalisation. I likely face either a situation in which if I do not die from my brain tumour, or lung cancer that I may contract, in a lifetime they may be stored, retrieved, found or documented such as by a security or intelligence service, police organisation, and so on.

I am one of the most financially disadvantaged people in the nation, I am also in extreme poverty, am a targeted citizen, and among other things would likely choose, as of being a human medical experiment disallowed sensory function at request, and with a surgically removed and replaced face, not to socialise, have sex, find a partner or be in a public place over 15 to 60 years.

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