On a final post I may summarise two prescient issues I will face upon continuing a goal-focused, purposeful and motivated life. I have not cried in roughly 10 years for more than a few seconds as I chose to disallow it. One reason that was is that my grandfather, Herbert Wallace Truscott, had the same story and prolonged it to me throughout my life knowing him (that he had not cried in 30 or more years, so I set myself the same task). He was a highly decorated engineer in the Royal Air Force. As of how doing so benefited me, a quarter of my face was surgically removed for a snuff film, in films and photos, leaving irrevocable damage, including that at sight in person, it very much appears that my skull is beating such as a heart would beat (in the shape of an alphabetic letter, snarling, smiling dog on vital machines, urinating), the skin moves forward and back several times a second where the blood vessels fill and show twitching, bulging, and a cartoon like effect to the shapes surgically removed with a quarter of my face for a snuff film. I still have, mostly 12 to 24 hours a transparent vision overlay with films, photographs and anything that comes into vision I want to see again, as I think of it I can recall it across a transparent vision overlay. I am very thankful to be safe, sound & alive today.

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