Thanks all. After a several week discontinuation of medication, my skin disease and infection is gone. It is nice to leave computer technology for the most part behind me. If there is any duration of captivity in an institution that is the result of conspiracy, gratuitous behaviour or with some imperative to imply a lack of mental capacity or truth to anything I hoped to address in legal, public discourse means (such as being a human medical experiment, such as being a targeted citizen or placed in filmed surgical procedures, sexual exploitation, rape, sexual acts in mental asylums), I will embark on a lifelong endeavour to contact foreign elected representatives, institutions, media organisations and security / intelligence services.

I am starting a new, safe and secure means by which I would host a HTML log of my whereabouts, circumstances and current endeavours. I might do so by registering a 10 to 20 year plan for HTML hosting with a reputable provider and the domain From there I may try to, in a global scope show anyone who I am, what I have experienced and where I may be in the future. I have less than a $1000 total worth. Spent the night practising surveillance mensuration with an infra-red scope. Very useful if I am forced to live in a camp-site due to poverty in my local area of the Brunswick Heads / Tallows/ Byron Bay Forest. Packing up belongings to be all in one handy place as so to ensure survival, in society and any personally placed position.

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