My name is Charles Truscott. I was used in human experimentation to disallow or control sensory function. I was also, neurologically, given drugging, such as with sex hormones, electroconvulsive to ensure I could be non-voluntarily forced to perform sexual acts. In so much as my future, I was an enforced disappearance disallowed from time in public, meeting anyone, social contact, romance or sex. National institutions and corporations embarked on a lifelong devotion to ensuring, that, within Australia, I would never have a benign life outcome, the opportunity to meet anyone such as a friend or partner without them being groomed or bribed for things such as judicial conspiracy, blackmail, institutionalisation conspiracy, filmed sexual exploitation and subsequent ruses to enforce a situation of danger. In 2005 or 2006 I was filmed being sodomised with a hose, forced to chew a bank card, forced to perform oral sex, threatened with sodomy with hooks heated by a blowtorch, aimed at with a loaded crossbow, restrained on a horse saddle and had lit cigarettes burnt into the face. In 2006 or 2007 I was given oral surgery to tighten the mouth before I was abducted, stripped naked and forced to give oral sex to three Byron Bay Police while a woman filmed with a shoulder mounted studio camera, in the back of a Police Car. I was then forced to eat faeces, petrol and water. In 2008 I was raped by my ex-girlfriend Saffron, awaking in my bedroom with cameras mounted to each wall, filming her on top of me. In 2009 or 2010 I attempted suicide, subsequently institutionalised at Byron Bay Hospital, Tweed Hospital and Lismore Youth Mental Health Centre. In 2013 my face was surgically removed on film while institutionalised at Concord Hospital. Again in 2014 as I visit John Flynn Tugun, my face was surgically removed, receiving a new eyelid, e.t.c.

That is my story and thank you for reading it

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