I will turn to ASIO as I need help. Nice day. Returning to public life and no longer a human experiment. I named my handle r0ss1n1 after David Taylor Irvine styling himself after the composer Gioachino Rossini. I still have the opinio ASIO are true blue legends. First heard of DTI in 2007 or so. Now very much thankful to have ever even spent time helped by a security service. Here’s to Mike Burgess, incumbent DG. If I ever wanted to coalesce with them, I would likely pick researching foreign paramilitaries or over a month span querying foreign computer systems and networks for zero days. Most unthankfully I deal with adjusting to life after being a human medical experiment. Very proud ASIO had a silver coin (I think there was only ever one made and issued, for me personally, e.g. not listed on military collectable databases such as Worthingpoint, eBay) listed for me to buy.

In the previous posts I mentioned steps I may take to continue my life post the situation. Such as writing a formal regard of the situation, a statutory declaration or simply getting a job, meeting some mates, finding a girlfriend and telling them I spent 10 years as a human experiment carrying out national security objectives. Feeling rather fantastic I am not blind any more, do not have Schizophrenia and am not under 24 hour surveillance. No jobs in Byron Bay or Suffolk Park to get. Occupational therapy, self care, healing from mind control torture and human experimentation enslavement. Nice day. If I can ever thank ASIO or ASIS for advocating on my behalf, e.g. helping me via cryptanalytic instruction I will. Might try to print a document stating who I am

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