Really don’t think anyone reads my blog anyway, but will continue to write. Very hard how things may have been taken on my family. Kind of eager to call my wealthy former associated family to ask for a hand out, given she has over 12 million dollars, but that is sort of the least of my worries. Now I have the chance to not be a disappeared person, because of an objecting group of Australian spies appalled at my torture and human experimentation, I can pretty much carry on with life as normal, and do not face any threat of being enslaved for sensory altering physiological procedures …

A very big start is coming out of extreme poverty, having a social group or partner. I mostly just wish to check in every few hours at for an internet cookie to chat to a security officer linguistically encoding mnemonics. Now that I may start a life after 10 years as a human medical experiment, I may choose to try and have an on the spot way, say if queried by a law enforcement officer or security officer, to explain I need specific safeguards as someone ending a trial of human experimentation, poverty and enforced disappearance.

So, now I am allowed to not undergo torture and drugging in the home I was disappeared, I live with one fear that, at request, I can be disallowed sensory functions such as vision, as of the resultant of the human experimentation.

So, today I may go about printing a piece of paper and laminating it explaining that 2011 to 2021 I was used by a security officer for national security operations as per unconsenting medical experimentation.

I will just consult the cryptanalytics team online as to any steps I would take. Hypothetically speaking given vast trauma and dissociation experiences, it is very hard to adjust to normal life. In any ideal sense, I would end my duration of extreme poverty, formally declare I was used as a human experiment (I rather fancy carrying around Springer academic journals about human experimentation to authoritatively gain a perception the academic literature refers to my situation), and live it up, with any kind of idea of virtue of what any kind of life should entail.

Thanks ASIO, ASIS for nurturing me and ending my torture and human experimentation. It is hard being a vulnerable, impoverished and neurologically damaged person. The next step is up to the security officer I talked to online to end my situation and calm me down.

Any plans I have I will talk to a security officer about through cryptanalytics. In 12 weeks I can save probably about $7000. As of now I have a total wealth of about $300. In continuing some kind of life post torture, disappearance and being a human medical experiment, I may try to articulate my position, past, circumstances to a group that can advocate on my behalf or allow for safeguards, such as a benign medical practitioner, trauma advocate, mental health worker, I really wouldn’t know. I could most certainly sign a statutory declaration saying I spent various durations for 10 years enslaved for sensory function altering physiological procedures. Thanks

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