Thanks Australian Security Intelligence Organisation for your time and help. Will continue to check in at either or, in the case you can think of anything for me to do with my time post 24 hour surveillance and human experimentation. Very fond of David Taylor Irvine. NAA Chief Fricker was the only Deputy Secretary General of ASIO ever unmasked. Mostly working on centennial technology objectives however. Now allowed to get back to life as normal. Most unfortunately I will be left with the vision enhancement of being able to witness anything in a public space and at any time see it across my vision again.

hope for a happy ending for myself and my family to continue a benign, non hypervigilant, non extreme life casually and peacefully pursuing life’s goals.

might try to meet some friends and a girlfriend and a career workplace social group some time & explain I’m a human experiment working themselves out of poverty. Moving on with life

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