Just briefed by 24 hour surveillance team. I am allowed to get on with my life after 10 years used in unethical medical research and 7 years under 24 hour surveillance. It is very frightening. I am very upset. In so much as being a human medical experiment, I may find I either want to reinforce or substantiate certain safeguards or declaration of rights or I may find in hoping for so I will receive none.

buying some academic literature on unethical human experimentation. After being used for human experimentation, I may try to carry around a piece of paper with me saying that foremost I spent 10 or more years in human medical experimentation so to please respect my rights.

As of finances, income, social life, pursuing the idea of a life of work, marriage, discipline, career and leisure, it is going to be particularly difficult in catastrophic emotional consequences, poverty, legal recognition, e.t.c.

So my only plan is to move on after 10 years as a human medical experiment under 24 hour surveillance. Because I had few other people to talk to, I may simply spend more time chatting to security officers at asis.gov.au cryptanalytics, who receive real time audio, photos from my Galaxy Note 10.

I am very thankful I negotiated with the 24 hour surveillance team to improve my family’s well-being, who in turn, on my behalf, responded to security officers wanting my circumstances to change …

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