I have been reallowed to have my sensory function, such as sight, skin sensation, auditory senses and taste and smell. If I were to enter public, a new location or a home which wasn’t under 24 hour surveillance, I fear I would be more at lost if my vision became covered for 12 or more hours with films, or if my Schizophrenia returned. As of my foremost and present plans it is to stay put close to family who have benign and loving intentions and motives while staying under 24 hour surveillance and also checking in at asis.gov.au or asio.gov.au

As of being used in a national security and human experimentation conspiracy, I was briefed that I was selected for this in 2011 with foremost regrets that I was used for human experimentation as an unwilling actor in national security issues. As of my training, I am highly capable in cyber warfare and open-source intelligence investigation of military capability and issues. So I may just start a small budgeting plan to ensure enough money so that I can tend to food, health, medical and shelter, but seperately coalesce with the security agents at the cryptanalytics centre to bargain for rights. The latest plan issued for me (by the 24 hour surveillance team) is to either hone cyber warfare reports against state actors in aggressor countries neighbouring Australia, or provide open source intelligence investigations into military and cyber warfare actors of neighbouring aggressor (maligned) countries.

I am glad my human experimentation is over and I am allowed to return to subduing an autonomous life with sensory function, though as of the physiological procedures I now serve non-voluntarily in national security capability. Thanks for the challenge coin ASIO. I think some ASIO and ASIS officers witnessing my torture and use in national security conspiracy felt appalled so decided to object to the actions of separate officers consequently I am allowed to return to my life until, physiologically my sensory functions are disallowed again from human enhancement…

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