Thinking over my future

Now I have been allowed to have my sensory function return, no more enhanced torture techniques at home, I am considering my future. So, I am pretty much free to do whatever I want and go wherever I want to go. It will return some day that I will subsequently undergo clandestine medical procedures to disallow sensory function such as vision aside from the films, photographs and sights I am allowed to see.

A while back ASIO listed a silver challenge coin for me to buy. I am going to think about my future, and in terms of that I want to cease all electronic devices, forever, e.g. give up computer science, information security, reverse engineering, proof of concept and cyber warfare.

Now that I am seven years behind the track, moreover 10 or so years behind the track, in the sense of being disappeared for human experimentation, I have only, for example, called on a mobile phone 3 people in the last 11 years. I may just sit here and check in with cryptanalytics, for example, and I am thankful they advocated on my behalf to end my surveillance, sensory deprivation techniques by drugging and vision experimentation. I could walk straight back into Suffolk Park or Byron Bay right now, grab a drink, grab some dinner or, most remarkably difficult would it be but I could even just try to visit some friend from circa Byron Bay High School.

This morning when briefed by the team that inducted me for human experimentation, in roughly 2011 when voluntarily visiting a psychologist, who performed hypnosis and began my trial as a sleeper agent, when I was briefed this morning they said I ought to try to get a licence. Glum days. I have a $300 total worth, have socialised once in 7 years, am never regularly seen anywhere or sighted in public, and was arbitrarily placed in detention for human experimentation trials.

I would cook up some hobby information security project to work alongside security services but don’t see the need or use. Thanks Australian security services for resolving my targeted citizen status and ending my satanic ritual abuse …

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