Having a fantastic night

Very exceptional night. I have thought very much about leaving the home I have lived in since 2014 and starting new somewhere else. For the most part I think I would never bother leaving Byron Bay. There is just no industry around tech to work in here. Alternately I am a severely disabled person, particularly as blindness and Schizophrenia ensues, and the effects of long-term unemployment none the less ensue, it is harder to think of simply moving on when I have gradually and consistently maintained a better quality of life by living in a free home provided by family.

Google Glass Explorer Edition (smart glasses, computer glasses) arriving next week and until which time I unenrol from SCU I may use my credentials to forage the latest biology journals for anything surrounding Schizophrenia, occupational therapy for Schizophrenia or paliperidone invega, my medication. Nicotine aids Schizophrenic recovery, high calorie meals are evened out and better for people taking paliperidone, extensive studies have been done on visual perception as per neurobiology of the Schizophrenic brain, and, ultimately, Schizophrenia is an oversupply of the neurotransmitter PCP which is release by the pituitary gland and modern antipsychotics may not pass the blood brain barrier but in most circumstances prevent the PCP neurotransmitter (an endorphin) from binding (a neurotransmitter antagonist, in the end).

Moving on for meaningful tasks. It is very difficult to have spent 12 years in practically complete isolation. Patching my past together, was thankfully doing the Tally to say that 2013 to 2022 (March) I have socialised 5 times and spent 10 years without sex. The demographics of sexually active groups across Western society are typically High School students to first year University students (such as in Britain where this phenomenon is found via temporary sexually transmitted disease statistics).

Very much thankful to have spent 2011 to 2019 reading from the Cambridge Mathematics Tripos. I never would have had the educational attainment without that time spent doing so. I decided to give up maths a month ago and am thankful for my epiphany. It is very funny that statistical processes (such as the human cognitive, physiological or body-movement or human-action processes) are applied by electronic devices which now have a very good way of perceiving even from phone or social media use linguistic patterns, traits, if the camera is allowed a software package to track eye movement in significant lighting, and I think this will be an avenue for coding once I have things sorted out. It is also used in forensic science and other such ways as by law enforcement for identifying habitual criminal identity. Image processing of cameras (e.g. infra-red, DSLR, optics) can now be done very well with artificial intelligence and data mining such as for evolving surveillance or weaponised robotics, e.g. a DSLR identifying points on a digitally encoded live video stream to calculate a arc between a robotic part holding a weapon and do the geometry of firing the weapon.

Thanks for the freewriting.

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