Having a bad day

Fantastic to write though. In new news I am most upset that, after treatment with terbinafine salicylic acid antiseptic my 10 year skin infection has come back. Most remarkably I caught jock itch in February 2011 at which point my genital skin tissue began to swell inches, having sex in 2012 drunk around February March the only time in the last 12 years and subsequently receiving a unrelated urological surgery in 2014. On one other note, if I was to be fronted by a Police Officer on my property, I would next actually brandish either a large butcher knife or small hunting knife to have them discharge a firearm and apply lethal force. One such way I thought they would do that is at request of a national organisation. On other notes very thankfully moving on. Just got a spectacular surprise that my card was reversed a 184 dollar charge so managed to buy phone credit. I wonder if I can find a career where I entirely work from home. Most thankfully I am glad to account for my institutionalisation during 2011, 2013 and 2017 for the purposes of rape and surgery after electroconvulsive filmed, and of having the alphabetic letter M surgeon from my forehead with a shape of a dog, and having my mouth surgeon with a suture of two white translucent lesions preventing a stretch or opening of the mouth beyond the canine teeth, such as when performing oral sex to three Byron Bay Police after drugging injection in 2006 or 2007

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