Nice night brainstorming with the surveillance team that had me under 24 hour surveillance. Despite bad things happening, such as keeping me awake or blackmailing or experimenting on and studying me, I managed to accomplish very great things after suicide and intensive care as of being inducted for human enhancement. I am very frightened for when I cannot ascertain my personal safety. I am also very frightened I have a zero dollar balance most weeks, own no property and have only ever shared accommodation once, and lack the capability to call a tradesperson as I do not own this property nor have anything to pay with. Given I ever owned land, this land, paid land, state, local, federal taxes & utilities, and this home, I would pretty much just live here for 30 to 70 years working in isolation on technical tasks.

Why I can’t be exposed to the world is that sporadically, things such as cartoons play across my vision, in which my 2011 GP cited Schizophrenia, and also if I witness something, any object, person, scenery, thing anathema or comforting, voluntarily or not so, my vision can for arbitrarily long times be covered with that same sight again.

So, if I were ever wealthy and could pay for medical treatment, I would ask them to repair the eyelid that was cut off and repair the letter surgeon out of my forehead and dinosaur surgeon out of my forehead, during hospital captivity for a surgeon to practice filmed surgery, presumably provided to the same group that recorded me in sex acts, such as when my mouth was surgeon with two translucent lesions for tightness during oral sex to three Byron Bay Police in 2006 or 2007.

I would have to explain to them that my forehead had the shape of the alphabetic letter ‘M’ and a dinosaur as some kind of hate act. And for a snuff film, and because of satanic ritual abuse, and most likely after meeting Alison Thompson OAM on Twitter and writing to her online for 5 years in which I travelled across Australia in 2017 exposing my location and letting down any personal security. Alison Thompson was awarded a Doctorate of Letters

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