Very nice day

I am giving up eventually the use of all technology and the internet and any computing device. Last thoughts for the night are that 1) if any comparable scenario to describe for my situation in the modern, however arcane human rights sense would be organ harvesting, medical experimentation on humans (e.g. surgery, drugging, neurological and physiological procedures), human trafficking, sex abuse, filmed sexual exploitation and sadistic abuse. Please see the clip on YouTube for the alphabetic letter surgeon out of my forehead. 15 year ambition to gain a path out of extreme poverty so I can have a skin surgeon repair the alphabetic letter and dog surgeon out of my forehead. The artery to my brain was cut to give the dog a tail. Where that is bulges at the propulsion of blood through the heartbeat. So, forever and incessantly, the quarter of my face that was removed for film bulges at the heartbeat. I was just checking out the new eyelid that was surgeon on to the right side of my face. Also had my mouth surgeon shut intermittently. If a court would not read this in its entirety, or, whether forwarded to a lawyer for litigation for any court to accept my past as impacting any state of mind I was in or thing I had potentially done, I would not fair not to take things into my own hands, e.g. if in that case I was institutionalised, a lifelong endeavour against the board members of the hospital, mental asylum with sexual slavery accusations if no greater lifelong devotion than to en mass contact about that institution or about those board members.


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