Just checking in through cryptanalytics with ASIO. Very thankful they helped me to resolve my 24hr surveillance from an unknown group, end harassment and in any sense have someone to speak to. Now it is time to leave Byron Bay forever, less finally leave a thank you to our State MP and the Byron Bay Mayor who I think have done it fantastic job at preserving the culture of our town. I am a 28yr local Byron Bay local having lived here my entire life and also went to Byron Bay High School.

In other things I considered deleting my last post because it seemed very untoward, but as I have nothing else going on for me I may choose to start a GoFundMe for extreme poverty or send en masse emails again.

No such thing planned for now but also eagerly awaiting enough money to start a life somewhere else. I always have a seizure if someone coughs too loud or too closely, sneezes. I also have a seizure if I witness a dog (a canine), if I hear a dog bark, if I incite a conversation without explaining I was a victim of cult brainwashing, and that I had undergone enhanced interrogation techniques under arbitrary detention in my home. One such way that was became that if I did something not wanted in my home my ears would be pierced with a click of the wiretap or an electric surge from the plate of the plastic encased television. So any thought, emotion, breathing pattern or body movement not wanted would be duly punished with an ear piercing click, a surge of electricity from afar, e.t.c.

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