Exciting to leave my home where I have spent the most part of late 2014 until 2021 with the exception of 2017 under 24 hour surveillance. The wiretaps would click frequently and torture and degradation techniques were applied for the first 6 years of 24 hour surveillance. One such was not being allowed to sleep for up to three days at a time, another was being recorded naked, and in an erratic state, another was having recordings sent to major Australian newspapers and television stations, another was being recorded masturbating, and during 2014 to 2019 that I was under daily torture, I also attempted suicide which was recorded.

If a Police Officer decided to step up to me, e.g. in my new home of the Bundjalung forestry, I would next name them for 15 to 30 years, e.g. to each Federal Parliamentarian, global institutions or embassies and consulates. Surely, whoever they were, or whatever they had done, I would globally disseminate written and video information accusing them of things, burnt to CD and distributed for 15 to 30 years wherever I called my home.

Final thoughts for the night – in a below post I showed the true state of my facial structure as it related to former surgeries applied while captive for medical practitioners to practice surgery. I am even thankful I have a lesion surgeon onto my right eyelid, as it is more remarkably suggestive of the fact (as I had given my word and testimony to) my mouth had, in the past, been surgeon shut with two white lesions such as for forced oral sex to three Byron Bay Police in 2006 or 2007 at a nearby service station.


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