As I have virtually no wealth and will manage to accumulate virtually no wealth within the next 10 to 20 years should I or should I not remain on free disability payments, I rather foresee my future as I had perceived it months ago when planning for retaliatory measures as likely starting a working life as an illegal camper somewhere in the Bundjalung shrubbery e.g. illegal camping in the Tallows, Brunswick or Byron Bay beach wildland. That is the only place I could possibly settle down in my financial and disability position for permanent home to start a working life. In saying that, I would have a thousandfold risk greater of death, infection or disease by living in a tent on the dunes forestry of one of the nearby beaches, but I have virtually no money, have had virtually no outside family contact since 2009, have never been employed and also need to at least travel each six months to a doctor and a chemist (I have paranoid Schizophrenia and require medication).

So, starting out, I saw the advantages and disadvantages to living as an illegal camper. The greatest disadvantage is either a lack of physical safety, e.g. protection from crime, murder, death from snakes or insects – or actually the severe health problems gained from living in desultory accommodation such as a tent in the forest. I would need lighting, a wood stove to cook food or some way to regularly buy and store small amounts of food, I would wash in the nearby tea tree lake e.t.c. e.t.c.

That is pretty much my plan for becoming a more despotted citizen within this country. As I was a targeted citizen, e.g. by national organisations, media executives, law enforcement agencies, government organisations e.t.c., I knew I would face the same situation again and require accommodation that would place me at great personal risk but more privacy and more freedom.

I have described in the thousands of words here on this blog and on the exact things I would do. I rather fancied advertising my plans as that anyone would discover I had stated them explicitly as a response to a situation. I encourage anyone and everyone who possibly is interested to read this blog and in their entirety.

So, starting a new life I plan to do nothing but find a small simple liveable part time low paid career. As I am disabled a simple career is better than one (the only type of career I have ever been offered), is on 90k p.a. to 150k p.a. as a information security consultant via my Offensive Security industry qualification. But those jobs are in Sydney and I am in Byron Bay.

As for my future, I have socialised and had sex virtually no times in 12 years (having sex once, socialising at most 10 times), so forsee I will likely do nothing but sit, work, make sure everything is O.K. and try to start a future, e.g. no socialising or sex for 15 to 30 years

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