Rather thankful to also see that, if any hope there is a little, of remediating the letter M surgeon from my forehead for entertainment with the shape of a dog – mostly as where they cut the artery to my brain to give a tail to the dog shape (and mostly the entire M letter surgeon from my forehead) bulges as the heart pushes each set of blood through my body. That happened some time in the last 7 years. So upon seeing me, as shown in photos, it is clear a quarter of my face was removed, I have asymmetrical eyelids as o lesion was surgeon on, and almost the entire top quarter of my face is throbbing with blood each time I speak to or am personally witnessed by someone. Very thankful to accomplish a 11 year ambition on this blog of saying that my mouth was surgeon shut with two lesions at the canine teeth of which I am still missing a sublingual duct (saliva gland)

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