Feeling amazing. Glad to work on self care over the past few years intensively. I surely can’t remember when I started exfoliating with Epsom salt, applying bentonite clay masks & using calcium fluoride teeth strengthener. Medication does tend to have the ultra polarity to the cognitive deficit of Schizophrenia inducing a lack of concern about self care, e.g. appearance, cleanliness or home or affairs organisational skills.

Throwing on a Martha Argerich Chopin album and thinking things out. As of my financial state, I usually have zero dollars in my bank account due to crediting the whole Centrelink payment each fortnight & in terms of financial planning or forecasting it does seem that I will remain one of the most financially disadvantaged people in the nation. Not least in health terms am I.

I have thought a lot of what my next plans are. Realised that after retaliatory measures to unfair and uncivil legal proceedings, gratuitous arrest or being falsely arrested or accused of a crime, or conspiracy to institutionalised, I would likely become either a despot within my locality or a despot within the nation, e.g. printing posters, hand delivering 1000 plus hand written or printed & enveloped letters or sending emails to each consulate and embassy on Australian territory. Those are ways I would respond to rigged legal proceedings, gratuitous arrest or a conspiracy to institutionalise, e.g. naming Officers, posting documentation of arrest or health discharge e.t.c.

In other things, thankfully moving forward and planning to live somewhere else in Byron Bay or perhaps moving to Sydney. Either way I am very suitably placed to never bother with social media platforms or the internet again. I just was thinking about that I have socialised 6 times in 10 years at the close of this year, and in February-March 2023 I will have socialised three times in 10 years. In terms of how I was an enforced disappearance, if people didn’t have the nature already to cost someone else those perceived benefits of a large social sphere in conflict between people, it was more so contacting people and being swiftly institutionalised in 2013 gratuitously and without any founding for a conspiracy to entail for national organisations to respond by impairing the life outcome of a citizen over the course of 15 to 30 years.

Not much to write except that I am thankful to soon leave the property I have lived in since 2014, with the exception of moving shortly to another home, and for that I really think that I likely won’t socialise nor have sex in the next 15 to 30 years as I have not really in the last 12 years since my suicide attempt. I would likely become a despot and a further targeted citizen in this country by responding to gratuitous arrest or institutionalisation.

Fine night to have some milk and tea. Preparing to sleep now

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