Feeling rather fantastic

Might sum up on my blogging thus far. Very thankful to at least have a place to journal. In the shower earlier mind caught up on a few things surrounding where time is devoted.

A few posts ago I talked about buying a wearable computer (Google Glass circa 2014) and using it predominantly 1) hands-on incubation from Schizophrenia itself 2) used for occupational therapy tasks e.g. handicraft activities relieve Schizophrenia and can be made a hobby with the smart glasses & also that I necessarily never pay attention to the time, date or any daily activity planning except on the spot as the day goes about

Rather do spend a lot of time in self care. Have witnessed many things in a short span. It was a very different life for everyone 15 years ago in 2006. Remember who I was to be part of a social group, have friends, events at the drop of a hat or big nights all of the time. Very thankful in some way that everything is the way it is, e.g. not regretting catastrophic health, life breakdown issues. One reason is because I was able to think more critically given what was faced.

Very thankful to freewrite. In an ideal situation I would be stocked with 1) nine milligram antipsychotics 2) groceries (fruit, veg, poultry, dairy, white and red meat; sanitisation things such as medical stocks e.g. antiseptic, dishwasher liquid, laundry powder, band-aids; clothes; towels; razors e.t.c.) So regularly doing this over a time span, e.g. fortnightly, in the case of medication monthly

On to other things, I published an open source application at GitHub which so far as I know will at least securely erase the majority of any digital storage medium in the modern computer (e.g. thumb drive, SSD, magnetic rotor drive). Very thankful to begin a 10 year open source project.

10 years ago, upon the arrival of Schizophrenia I decided that my foremost goal in life would be pursuing education, more so as an inherent thing to value or way to live. As I completed one of my only ever formal educational certificates, I undertook the 24hr limit practical exam (Offensive Security Certified Professional). Since then, I felt much incentivised to actually continue a daily inherent inner value to learning, and from to and fro I settled much thankfully into technology while leaving the door open.

Amazing to witness so many people from my home town living very outward, excitable & value focused lives. Is very easy to get lost in things. Once upon a time, say throughout the social dynamics of being in High School, practically was not a single day of the week that if I chose to venture somewhere and stay long enough I would not bump into someone I knew.

In two years I will have seen a friend, socialised 3 times in 10 years. In February 2022 I will have not had sex in 10 years. And this morning most thankfully I received a call to hire me in a career in Sydney, likely because of my new open source drive erasure software.

Very thankful to be working on life skills, be reasonably able to tend to self care with time and without stresses or aggravation, be well respected and have a steady path to some kind of future.

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