Well, fantastic day

I am starting a software development income start up. Nice day & warm in bed. Almost finished my first app called ZeroDisk.

If I was gratuitously arrested, I would resist arrest until lethal force was applied, e.g. firearm, choking or injection from nurse while institutionalised. If institutionalised I would begin a 15 to 60 year endeavour against that hospital, institution.

I am very thankful to be making a path out of extreme poverty.

I would also like to state once more I have socialised to count 10 times since 2009 having sex once in that time in 2012.

As the alphabetic letter ‘M’ was surgeon from my forehead with the shape of a dog, I find my chances at romance or sexual life is severely impaired. The lesions cut out of my face bulge at the heart beats’ pulse.

Very thankful to be allowed to write my blog. I see that I have socialised once in 7 years, had sex once in 11 years, and will likely not bother with either for the next 15 to 30 years. I have only met five new girls since 2009 also, since 2014 only two, one in a mental asylum and my brothers’ friends girlfriend. There is no opportunity to socialise nor seek sex as I do not regularly and have not had regularly in 11 years any social setting.

2022 February will mark 10 years of celibacy. I am not very thankful for the prospect. I am severely disabled however that I understand so understand the limitations. Next for a relaxing sleep & a cup of coffee

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