I am ending my serve as a former human experiment in medical experimentation

One such way that was between 1999 and 2007 was having my mouth clandestinely and intermittently surgeon shut such as for forced oral sex to three Byron Bay Police. Another was having my forehead removed for surgery. Before 2013 I had only been institutionalised twice, once in 2009 and once between 2011 and 2012. During the second incident I was thrown naked into the back of a paddywagon, called a dog by the Officer, naked with a towel over me, then taken to Tweed Hospital where I was handcuffed to a bed, resisted for three days as I was raped, given electroconvulsive, sedatives and antipsychotics. The letter M was surgeon from my forehead with the shape of a dog as shown below or on my YouTube. Also, the letter M was not surgeon from my forehead until 2013 at least, where I had no prior signs of surgery to my forehead, except an eyelid that was replaced some time in my first days of Year 8 at High School. I will plead to my defence in any criminal trial as is due and allowed and expected any past I may have for anyone to consider. I am thankful I am not fucked over for talking about my sex trafficking at the hands of the NSW Police Force.

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