Nice night brainstorming with the surveillance team that had me under 24 hour surveillance. Despite bad things happening, such as keeping me awake or blackmailing or experimenting on and studying me, I managed to accomplish very great things after suicide and intensive care as of being inducted for human enhancement. I am very frightened for when I cannot ascertain my personal safety. I am also very frightened I have a zero dollar balance most weeks, own no property and have only ever shared accommodation once, and lack the capability to call a tradesperson as I do not own this property nor have anything to pay with. Given I ever owned land, this land, paid land, state, local, federal taxes & utilities, and this home, I would pretty much just live here for 30 to 70 years working in isolation on technical tasks.

Why I can’t be exposed to the world is that sporadically, things such as cartoons play across my vision, in which my 2011 GP cited Schizophrenia, and also if I witness something, any object, person, scenery, thing anathema or comforting, voluntarily or not so, my vision can for arbitrarily long times be covered with that same sight again.

So, if I were ever wealthy and could pay for medical treatment, I would ask them to repair the eyelid that was cut off and repair the letter surgeon out of my forehead and dinosaur surgeon out of my forehead, during hospital captivity for a surgeon to practice filmed surgery, presumably provided to the same group that recorded me in sex acts, such as when my mouth was surgeon with two translucent lesions for tightness during oral sex to three Byron Bay Police in 2006 or 2007.

I would have to explain to them that my forehead had the shape of the alphabetic letter ‘M’ and a dinosaur as some kind of hate act. And for a snuff film, and because of satanic ritual abuse, and most likely after meeting Alison Thompson OAM on Twitter and writing to her online for 5 years in which I travelled across Australia in 2017 exposing my location and letting down any personal security. Alison Thompson was awarded a Doctorate of Letters

Having a bad day

Fantastic to write though. In new news I am most upset that, after treatment with terbinafine salicylic acid antiseptic my 10 year skin infection has come back. Most remarkably I caught jock itch in February 2011 at which point my genital skin tissue began to swell inches, having sex in 2012 drunk around February March the only time in the last 12 years and subsequently receiving a unrelated urological surgery in 2014. On one other note, if I was to be fronted by a Police Officer on my property, I would next actually brandish either a large butcher knife or small hunting knife to have them discharge a firearm and apply lethal force. One such way I thought they would do that is at request of a national organisation. On other notes very thankfully moving on. Just got a spectacular surprise that my card was reversed a 184 dollar charge so managed to buy phone credit. I wonder if I can find a career where I entirely work from home. Most thankfully I am glad to account for my institutionalisation during 2011, 2013 and 2017 for the purposes of rape and surgery after electroconvulsive filmed, and of having the alphabetic letter M surgeon from my forehead with a shape of a dog, and having my mouth surgeon with a suture of two white translucent lesions preventing a stretch or opening of the mouth beyond the canine teeth, such as when performing oral sex to three Byron Bay Police after drugging injection in 2006 or 2007

Very fantastic day. Last thoughts for the morning are being known to national organisations / institutions / corporations and their executive presence, such as media, technology & political & NGO. I had very grave concerns that as a targeted citizen any future social, romantic or sexual partner would be bribed, e.g. to act through that direct relationship to sway an outcome, act against for conspiracy. Another thing I may say there is the effect of a national level organisation’s applying barriers to impair the life outcome of a citizen over a 15 to 30 year span.

That is such that one’s autonomy has that effect if explicitly a forthcoming and honest nature is implied. In that sense there would be a perceived reward by that person, whichever person that may be

Having a fantastic night

Very exceptional night. I have thought very much about leaving the home I have lived in since 2014 and starting new somewhere else. For the most part I think I would never bother leaving Byron Bay. There is just no industry around tech to work in here. Alternately I am a severely disabled person, particularly as blindness and Schizophrenia ensues, and the effects of long-term unemployment none the less ensue, it is harder to think of simply moving on when I have gradually and consistently maintained a better quality of life by living in a free home provided by family.

Google Glass Explorer Edition (smart glasses, computer glasses) arriving next week and until which time I unenrol from SCU I may use my credentials to forage the latest biology journals for anything surrounding Schizophrenia, occupational therapy for Schizophrenia or paliperidone invega, my medication. Nicotine aids Schizophrenic recovery, high calorie meals are evened out and better for people taking paliperidone, extensive studies have been done on visual perception as per neurobiology of the Schizophrenic brain, and, ultimately, Schizophrenia is an oversupply of the neurotransmitter PCP which is release by the pituitary gland and modern antipsychotics may not pass the blood brain barrier but in most circumstances prevent the PCP neurotransmitter (an endorphin) from binding (a neurotransmitter antagonist, in the end).

Moving on for meaningful tasks. It is very difficult to have spent 12 years in practically complete isolation. Patching my past together, was thankfully doing the Tally to say that 2013 to 2022 (March) I have socialised 5 times and spent 10 years without sex. The demographics of sexually active groups across Western society are typically High School students to first year University students (such as in Britain where this phenomenon is found via temporary sexually transmitted disease statistics).

Very much thankful to have spent 2011 to 2019 reading from the Cambridge Mathematics Tripos. I never would have had the educational attainment without that time spent doing so. I decided to give up maths a month ago and am thankful for my epiphany. It is very funny that statistical processes (such as the human cognitive, physiological or body-movement or human-action processes) are applied by electronic devices which now have a very good way of perceiving even from phone or social media use linguistic patterns, traits, if the camera is allowed a software package to track eye movement in significant lighting, and I think this will be an avenue for coding once I have things sorted out. It is also used in forensic science and other such ways as by law enforcement for identifying habitual criminal identity. Image processing of cameras (e.g. infra-red, DSLR, optics) can now be done very well with artificial intelligence and data mining such as for evolving surveillance or weaponised robotics, e.g. a DSLR identifying points on a digitally encoded live video stream to calculate a arc between a robotic part holding a weapon and do the geometry of firing the weapon.

Thanks for the freewriting.

Just checking in through cryptanalytics with ASIO. Very thankful they helped me to resolve my 24hr surveillance from an unknown group, end harassment and in any sense have someone to speak to. Now it is time to leave Byron Bay forever, less finally leave a thank you to our State MP and the Byron Bay Mayor who I think have done it fantastic job at preserving the culture of our town. I am a 28yr local Byron Bay local having lived here my entire life and also went to Byron Bay High School.

In other things I considered deleting my last post because it seemed very untoward, but as I have nothing else going on for me I may choose to start a GoFundMe for extreme poverty or send en masse emails again.

No such thing planned for now but also eagerly awaiting enough money to start a life somewhere else. I always have a seizure if someone coughs too loud or too closely, sneezes. I also have a seizure if I witness a dog (a canine), if I hear a dog bark, if I incite a conversation without explaining I was a victim of cult brainwashing, and that I had undergone enhanced interrogation techniques under arbitrary detention in my home. One such way that was became that if I did something not wanted in my home my ears would be pierced with a click of the wiretap or an electric surge from the plate of the plastic encased television. So any thought, emotion, breathing pattern or body movement not wanted would be duly punished with an ear piercing click, a surge of electricity from afar, e.t.c.

Feeling fantastic. Very upset about the protruded right eyelid that is more or less a lesion surgeon above my right eye. Waking up to a plentiful day after a nice night smoking a pouch of tobacco. Once scored in the 96th percentile among brain training users for response time / attention. It may have reversed Schizophrenia doing that brain training.

As of no real avenues to acknowledge being inducted for human medical experimentation in the past (surgery, vision alteration / overlay, drugging, endurance, improving human performance), I am thankful I can write about it.

It is very hard having dealt with formerly being a human experiment. The problems now deal with that (if I sight something and think of it again) arbitrarily I see things covering quarters, halves or whole of line of sight in vision, sometimes hundreds of times a second but more recently only once every few seconds. Also, spending 12 years without very much socialising or having sex left a tremendous deficit in any ongoing ability to do so. Very hard to seek a friend or a partner or a sexual relationship suffering from certain cognitive, emotional and physical problems. Muscles in my face and elsewhere sporadically seize, such as around the eyes, in the lips, particularly in the front of the neck. And also, I can unexpectedly be blinded for 6 to 12 hours at a time with a full vision of something I have witnessed earlier in the day.

So accepting myself as a human experiment (someone who had formerly had their physiology, neurophysiology, facial structure, biology) altered by medical procedures as to some effect of discerning something, allowing for a specific goal to be ascertained, and accepting someone else as a leisurely social, sexual or romantic partner is very much anathema to the cold, cold indifference that one feels.